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Tento příběh je anglicky, nejsem si totiž jistá, zda bych ho dokázala správně přeložit. Je-li tedy mezi vámi někdo, kdo by příběh byl ochoten přeložit, ať dá prosím vědět.
Tento příběh byl uveřejněn na fóru Vampire Realm of Darkness a autorka si stojí za jeho pravdivostí. Já ho neodsuzuji, ale ani plně neuznávám, neboť důvěra je drahá věc, která se jen tak nerozhazuje. Tedy čtěte:
How I met a real vampire
05-09-2007 @ 2:44 PM
Hello everybody!
I´m new here, even quite new to forums and posting. I do seem to be a little technologically challenged with that :p, so please bare with me. ( or is it bear..?hmm Smile ) Also, english isn´t my mothertongue, so excuses for mispellings.

I´ve looked around some vampire forums, have joined some, too but have never posted anything anywhere. What I´d like to share with you is deeply personal to me, so I won´t go into every detail. Let´s say that, even posting on a vampire forum, I have great doubts anyone will believe me. That´s alright. Still, momentarily my loneliness becomes unbearable and I look for someone...someone who could say: " Yes, I understand. I know."

Alright. I had recently turned 16 when one december night I went to the movies with my friend. Yes, it was a vampire movie and yes, I have thought after that how much it possibly affected my thinking process at the time. I do not believe blindly in things.
So my friend and I were standing in line in the hallway ( or very small lobby of the theatre ), waiting to get into the room where the movie would be played. I started watching people on the 2nd floor out of curiosity or boredom, just watching them walk behind the glass - it was one of the exits of the movie theatre. I particularly noticed a man walking past the glass, head down, hands in his pockets, and then dissapearing out of view. To this day I cannot understand why, but in my mind I said after him: " Stop, come back, you´re different.. you´re a vampire. " Immediately afterwards I thought to myself, but what am I thinking, where did that come from? Or something like that.
Imagine my surprise when the man actually did come back to the window on the 2nd floor. He had a curious, searching expression on his face. I watched as he looked down from person to person standing in the line ahead of me, and then how his gaze met mine. I must´ve dropped my jaw. That moment..I cannot describe how it felt. I was looking at a man who was so not clearly human and I was the only one there who saw that. Still I had a funny thought about how I´m rude, it´s not nice to stare at someone like I was, but then I also thought it didn´t matter, since I wasn´t going to see him ever again anyway. He started to smile, it was a beatiful smile, not an unfriendly one. It was only when I tapped my friend on the shoulder and mumbled: that man up there...´, that he gave me one more, knowing look and walked away.

The next morning I woke up and my first thought was " what happened yesterday? " I started thinking about it calmly, sceptically. Couldn´t it have been just a coincidence that the man returned to the window? And maybe he smiled at me because I must´ve had such a stupid expression on my face... I just couldn´t say. Perhaps I would´ ve eventually forgotten about this had I not seen him a second time.

I lived with my parents then, we had a two storey house with it´s own little yard. One evening I was out on the balcony, from where I could see the back yard as well as to the street. Our house was one of the lasts on a dead end street, so there wasn´t any extra traffic, a very quiet place. I was flipping through some old magazine. Something made me look up, turn my gaze to the street and there he was standing, watching me from below. My heart skipped a beat - he ran off..only he ran faster than my eyes could almost follow. No human can run that fast. Besides, how had he found me? I can´t explain ecxept with telepathy.

There was more..but I´ll leave it at that for now. He did approach me after that, too but then I was simply too scared. More or less traumatized by this. I begged him to leave, which he did.

It´s been more than 12 years since I was that scared 16-year old. The existance of real vampires - those other than mortal sanguinarians - is a lonely knowledge for me. My closest friends know this from me, but they do not believe. I don´t blame them. I don´t expect you to believe, if you have not experienced something like this, too. I swear - oh dramatic me - that this post is not a fabrication.
I do forget about the encounters for many months, don´t actively dwell on them usually. But for some reason this past week, he´s been on the back of my mind, and try as I might, I can´t shake him right now away from my thoughts. It´s probably what led me to write this post.

If you have experienced something similar, or have some knowledge on the matter, I´d gladly hear from you. Please PM or email me. It would be much appreciated.
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It was mid december 1994, the cinema in Finland, Helsinki, Itäkeskus mall. The movie I was going to see was Interview with a Vampire.
dcxfuky05-10-2007 @ 8:11 PM
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Red ,
I just spent the last hour wandering round the Itäkeskus mall website and understand what you mean about the 2nd story glass level now.
The movie Interview with a Vampire was indeed shown in there in December 1994 so I see no reason to disbelieve anything you say as of now.
Thanks for clearing that up and feel free to contact me on messenger or by pm.

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Dále v jednom komentáři Red uvedla, že upír nebyl odlišný vzezřením, nýbrž aurou.

Příběh - www.vampires.nu

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 Lothias Lothias | E-mail | 31. října 2007 v 22:20 | Reagovat

Zajímavé, opravdu velice zajímavé...ehm jestli chceš možná bych to zvládl volně přeložit....

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Ježiš, to bys byl moc hodný!

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